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Module 1 - Bloggers Roadmap The Beginning

In module 1 we talk about:

  • An introduction to blogging
  • Domain registration and hosting
  • Installing WordPress automatically using cPanel

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Module 2 - Bloggers Roadmap Getting Ready

In module 2 we talk about:

  • Your new blog and what it brings
  • Dashboard business
  • Linking structure
  • Starting your posts the right way
  • Getting comments off on the right foot

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Module 3 - Bloggers Raodmap Getting The Look and Customizing

In module 3 we talk about:

  • Choosing and installing our theme
  • Adding Banners and favicons
  • Changing menus and footer links
  • The ePanel
  • Setting up pages, menus, links and more...
  • Introduction to opt-in

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Module 4 - Bloggers Roadmap Building Your Subscriber Army

In module 4 we talk about:

  • Opt-in first steps
  • Simple report setup
  • Advanced opt-in
  • Working with the sidebar
  • The popup
  • Social sharing

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Module 5 - Bloggers Roadmap It's Plugin Time

In module 5 we talk about:

  • Making contact
  • Security
  • The super cache
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Your own Facebook page

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Module 6 - Bloggers Roadmap Posting Content and Engagement

In module 6 we talk about:

  • Engagement
  • Posting
  • Post Structures
  • Images
  • Shares

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Module 7 - Traffic Tactics Bonus

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Module 8 - Bloggers Roadmap Working With Ads

In module 8 we talk about:

  • Ads intro
  • Affiliate links and banners
  • Google ads
  • Your own products

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Module 9 - Bloggers Roadmap Interviews

In module 9 we talk about:

In this module we have some interviews with industry experts for you to listen to. Check out the audio below, hit play or download using the links below.

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